Kyle Walker taunts Gunners fans for setting off fireworks before game.

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has taunted Arsenal fans for causing a stir before the game that went against the plan. Before the City were able to win as intended by attacking Spurs.

A group of Arsenal fans called the Ashburton Army hopes to help their beloved team. As much as possible by going to the polls to cause trouble for Manchester City players at their hotel on Monday night. Or the night before the game against Spurs.   UFABET 

However, the Blues were still in Manchester on Monday night. and had just arrived in London on Tuesday morning. Causing the secret mission of the Gunners fan to fail. 

“Last (Monday) night, I couldn’t sleep at all. It was hard to sleep, and then came to the hotel today (Tuesday).”

“I heard they (Arsenal fans) tried to set off fireworks the whole night before the game. But we weren’t at the hotel. They must really miss us,” Kyle Walker said before laughing.

Manchester City entered the field to beat Spurs 2-0 as intended and overtake Arsenal to the top of the table. Which will hold the championship’s destiny in their hands if they win against West Ham in the season-ending match.