Arsenal and Bayern Munich interested in bringing Simons to join the team.

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21-year-old midfielder Shafi Simons is the target of Arsenal and Bayern Munich. Who both have the financial ability to sign the player on a permanent deal without any problems.

‘Diario Sport’ reported on Tuesday that. The 21-year-old Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Shafi Simons is being watched by Arsenal and Bayern Munich. who may make an offer to strengthen the team this summer, like Barcelona and RB Leipzig. UFABET 

Paris Saint-Germain has released Simons to join RB Leipzig on loan this season. The German Red Bulls have made an offer to PSG to keep the 21-year-old midfielder with the club next season. But still haven’t received a response from the famous French team.

Meanwhile, Barcelona are keen to bring Simons, who was formerly part of La Masia’s training center, back to the club this summer as well. But due to current financial problems. The Catalan giants can only borrow. 

Recent reports reveal that both Arsenal and Bayern Munich are keeping a close eye on Simons’ situation. Especially if Paris Saint-Germain decides to release the player from the club for a minimum fee of 60 million euros. But if PSG chooses to release him on loan. Barcelona will be the first choice of the 21-year-old midfielder year.